Friday, October 25, 2013

Tea Kettle Love

I love it when you work me up

Spin me round

Push my buttons

Tease until

I explode

Like a teapot



As if it finishes

They say a watched pot never boils

My blood simmers when you look at me

Your eyes act as my ignitors

My lighter

‘til its so hot

the only way to blow off steam is to release on sound

'til I’m so hot



All you can do is pour me

Drink me

Warm and done

Sunday, October 13, 2013



Beneath the spinning ceiling fan
I breath in sweaty socks
My body is glued heavy to the floor
The aching of my feet
Rings through the air
As air is pushed from here
To there
As if beneath the storm
She lays
Breathing in the ashes from her ancestors
She does not know
Where to go
Or what to do
Or why
But she knows how to stare them in them eye
Where are you coming from?
He asks as the fan blows fiercely in his face
It slowly rotates blowing in hers
Pushing the tear drops from her wet eyes
So close to the floor she can see every flick of dust
Every piece of dirt
The wood
Is this what ants see?
She wonders to herself
As she stares at the ceiling fan spin
And spin
And spin