Saturday, May 31, 2014

This Little Light Of Mine

I know why the caged bird sings

Do you -


This little light of mine

I know why we hide behind electronic devices

I’m gonna let it shine

There are prisons I've locked myself into

I try to fly but sometimes my wings feel too tired

I need to stretch them

Give them some practice

Let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

This little - little yes, I feel small

When I think of how tall I felt as a child I feel sad

I used to stand on my tip toes with outstretched fingers so my shadow would look even bigger

The shadow that seems to follow me everywhere

Why did Peter Pan ever want to find his shadow again?

Light cannot exist without darkness

What if that was a lie we tell ourselves?

A story to make us feel better about our darkness

I think light can exist with other light

Different shades of brightness

No one better than the other

I’m gonna let it shine

Shine until when?

When I leave this Earth?

This physical plane

This space of physicality and materials

I want to elevate, evolve to a plane of space


Where anything is possible

Where there is no end and no beginning to one individual thing because we are all everything

The source

The light

And the darkness

There is no difference

Only language that tells us so

This is where she is

Where she is waiting

For all of us

Let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

Thank you Maya for shining your light on us.

Your life though full felt brief as a candle's flame

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Life Is Absurd

From sudden deaths and hospitalization to proposals and conceptions.

Life is a constant rebirth. A flow of absurd energy. It is a circle as "The Lion King" says.

And the more sense we try to make of it, the more we drive ourselves insane.

And through it all the wind still blows. The world turns and the rain falls as if nothing is "wrong", significant or changing.

This is life as we know it. With each breath there is a final exhale and a first inhale.

I feel honored to be part of it.

I smelled fresh baking bread this morning as the sun rose.

For a brief moment I was back in South Africa again and thought I might just find my home stay mother making biscuits in the kitchen as I walked out the door for my walk.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dead Time

I want to live in Time that is alive
Time that breathes air into my tired lungs
I hear people talking about killing Time
I never want to do that
Let alone confess that I committed such a tragic murder
You are mine sweet Time
Even if just for this brief second
I want to enliven and cherish you
Grant you being
I never want to brag about my Busyness or lack of you
Or how I have too much of you on my hands
I promise to never act as if I have no power over making room for you in my life
I will always find Time for you dear Time
The truth is
You are infinite
You engulf me as you surround me
I love you for who you are and who you are not
I want to just be with you where you are
Every second of every minute 
Of every hour of every day
Of every week of every month 
Of every year of every decade
Until I am no longer living
But you live on for others
You may be dead to others
But you were never dead to me

Dear Time,
         I feel so alive in your arms

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunset Being

The sunset doesn't become easier to describe the more times you see it
No matter if you know the colors or names
It's not the same
I feel no one
No one
Can deny goodness in the world when they see a sunset like this
People take a snap
Put their heads down to text it to their friends or post it online
I just stare
Breathing it in with each inhale
Breathing out the pink, purple and blue
I see it as it comes out of my mouth
Like your warm smokey breathe that lingers in front of your face when it's too cold outside
Until the blended bursts of beauty are in front of my lips
I want to kiss them
Eat them
Suck them back into my mouth
Taste its color
Savor it
Let it linger on my tongue
I swallow it deep into my belly
Filling up the center of my being; it envelops me
Takes me over
Until all I am
All I radiate
Is sunset

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Crossed Lines On The Subway

Everyone stands a few feet apart from one another. Just to be safe. Safe enough as not to invade anyones bubbles. Safe enough not to make contact or connection. Peoples eyes look all about, careful never to come into the sight line of another human being. Stomp on your curiosity. Crush your hopes of ever seeing anyone.
But there’s always that one person. Those few people whose gaze lingers a little longer than what is socially acceptable. They are longing - yearning, just as you are. For that connection. For that reminder that we are all apart of this vast planet. Just another number but another number together. Together in our struggle. In our hope. In our dreams of something more.
And suddenly for that split second, that shared moment where your eyes lock onto someone elses for just one brief flash - you get it. You feel it. And it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever felt. And you want to keep looking. Keep being with them. Keep existing within each others eyes. But it’s “awkward.” You shouldn’t. You know its not right. So one of you looks away because the timer is up on when its no longer ok to really see each other.
The real question is, who set this timer in the first place?  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tea Kettle Love

I love it when you work me up

Spin me round

Push my buttons

Tease until

I explode

Like a teapot



As if it finishes

They say a watched pot never boils

My blood simmers when you look at me

Your eyes act as my ignitors

My lighter

‘til its so hot

the only way to blow off steam is to release on sound

'til I’m so hot



All you can do is pour me

Drink me

Warm and done

Sunday, October 13, 2013



Beneath the spinning ceiling fan
I breath in sweaty socks
My body is glued heavy to the floor
The aching of my feet
Rings through the air
As air is pushed from here
To there
As if beneath the storm
She lays
Breathing in the ashes from her ancestors
She does not know
Where to go
Or what to do
Or why
But she knows how to stare them in them eye
Where are you coming from?
He asks as the fan blows fiercely in his face
It slowly rotates blowing in hers
Pushing the tear drops from her wet eyes
So close to the floor she can see every flick of dust
Every piece of dirt
The wood
Is this what ants see?
She wonders to herself
As she stares at the ceiling fan spin
And spin
And spin