Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunset Being

The sunset doesn't become easier to describe the more times you see it
No matter if you know the colors or names
It's not the same
I feel no one
No one
Can deny goodness in the world when they see a sunset like this
People take a snap
Put their heads down to text it to their friends or post it online
I just stare
Breathing it in with each inhale
Breathing out the pink, purple and blue
I see it as it comes out of my mouth
Like your warm smokey breathe that lingers in front of your face when it's too cold outside
Until the blended bursts of beauty are in front of my lips
I want to kiss them
Eat them
Suck them back into my mouth
Taste its color
Savor it
Let it linger on my tongue
I swallow it deep into my belly
Filling up the center of my being; it envelops me
Takes me over
Until all I am
All I radiate
Is sunset

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