Monday, March 10, 2014

Dead Time

I want to live in Time that is alive
Time that breathes air into my tired lungs
I hear people talking about killing Time
I never want to do that
Let alone confess that I committed such a tragic murder
You are mine sweet Time
Even if just for this brief second
I want to enliven and cherish you
Grant you being
I never want to brag about my Busyness or lack of you
Or how I have too much of you on my hands
I promise to never act as if I have no power over making room for you in my life
I will always find Time for you dear Time
The truth is
You are infinite
You engulf me as you surround me
I love you for who you are and who you are not
I want to just be with you where you are
Every second of every minute 
Of every hour of every day
Of every week of every month 
Of every year of every decade
Until I am no longer living
But you live on for others
You may be dead to others
But you were never dead to me

Dear Time,
         I feel so alive in your arms

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