Saturday, May 31, 2014

This Little Light Of Mine

I know why the caged bird sings

Do you -


This little light of mine

I know why we hide behind electronic devices

I’m gonna let it shine

There are prisons I've locked myself into

I try to fly but sometimes my wings feel too tired

I need to stretch them

Give them some practice

Let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

This little - little yes, I feel small

When I think of how tall I felt as a child I feel sad

I used to stand on my tip toes with outstretched fingers so my shadow would look even bigger

The shadow that seems to follow me everywhere

Why did Peter Pan ever want to find his shadow again?

Light cannot exist without darkness

What if that was a lie we tell ourselves?

A story to make us feel better about our darkness

I think light can exist with other light

Different shades of brightness

No one better than the other

I’m gonna let it shine

Shine until when?

When I leave this Earth?

This physical plane

This space of physicality and materials

I want to elevate, evolve to a plane of space


Where anything is possible

Where there is no end and no beginning to one individual thing because we are all everything

The source

The light

And the darkness

There is no difference

Only language that tells us so

This is where she is

Where she is waiting

For all of us

Let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

Thank you Maya for shining your light on us.

Your life though full felt brief as a candle's flame

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