Friday, December 21, 2012

The End Of The World...As We Know It At Least

Today was prophesied to be the "End Of The World" according to the Mayan calendar.

What is exciting to me is that I want the world to end. Let me be more specific. I want THIS world to end. I want people to practice being more loving, understanding and open. I want the wars to finally stop. I want ignorance to be questioned and challenged more and more. I want more comfort in the uncomfortable. I want less texting and more face-to-face communication. I want more hugs and laughing and freedom for everyone to be completely self-expressed without worry of judgment or repercussions. I want more extraordinary people, which in my mind is everyone, on this planet living up to their extraordinary potential. I want everyone to stop waiting for someone, something, some job, some promotion, and some paycheck to be their salvation and instead of creating it for themselves. I want a planet that begins looking out and standing up for your fellow man, instead having a one track mind that only thinks of me, me, me, mine, mine, mine. I want people to hold others accountable and lovingly accepting them for who they are. Disappearing judgment. Taking a moment to allow others that you “know” and others that you don't know to be anything other than what you've already decided them to be.  I want a population that finally realizes that we are ALL connected and that the person starving in another country, the person holding a sign at your street corner while you are stopped in traffic or the one freezing in the gutter is you. I want a planet that begins to understand the concept that we are ALL responsible for everything happening here. And the sooner we all begin actually believing that the better. The sooner we stop saying "Not my problem" "But that's not my job" "Not my fault" the sooner we as humanity can move towards a brighter future.  

And most of all, can we just be happy and grateful in this present moment because it is all we have? As corny as it sounds, it’s called the present because it is a gift.

A gift so precious yet we discount it every day as we let our minds wander to places we'd rather be, people we'd rather be spending our time with and things we'd rather be doing.

What if we all decided to believe that every single second of our life is exactly where we were meant and supposed to be at that given moment? Would that take the pressure off? Would that allow us to be fully present in whatever moment we were in?

I've been thinking about the idea of being present a lot lately, especially while I’m at work. A place I used to let my mind wander as if I was one of the children I was taking care of. Going through the motions but not truly being there. Now I've realized that being present in every moment could mean the difference between life or death. Between missing it or not. Between connect or disconnect. Between sharing a moment or that beautiful moment never existing. The difference between children growing up with adults that are actually listening to them and ones that are not really there. What a difference that could make in the future of this world.

I cannot tell you how beyond elated I am for this coming New Year. There’s just something about starting a New Year that feels so fresh and clean slatey. The possibility of a new life, a better life, a different life. But I don't want new, better or different. I want nothing. I want to start from nothing because from nothing ANYTHING is possible. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from Landmark Education that’s one of the main lessons that I will continue to take with me through the rest of my life. I have transformed my life, my perspective and my heart in more ways then one this year and I know that the longer I exist on this planet the more I will continue to evolve and grow into the person I am destined to become. The more I will continue to live this transformed extraordinary life that I never thought possible a few months ago.

I'm up to big things. Are you? Do you want to be? You can be. Anyone can. I think we all are but some of us are just too afraid to admit it or too afraid to take action towards those big things.

So instead of resolutions; empty promises that seem so easily broken, why not commitments? I'm finishing up my Commitment seminar class at the beginning of the year with Landmark Education and one big thing it has taught me is that just because I miss one day of my pages as a writer does not take away the underlying commitment I have made to being of being a prolific phenomenal writer that is abundantly creating new, authentic and unique work. And that if I sit there and dwell in the slip up and make it mean that I'm a failure than I truly will be. Instead of acknowledging that I broke my word and recommitting. Because sometimes that's all you can do. One step, one day at the time.

I'm so excited for the metaphorical rebirth of this planet. I feel a shift in energy that is coming about. A change in the winds. This Winter Solstice we are still alive, we are still standing. The coldness of this season will freeze over all of the negativity from our past holding us back so when the New Year comes it can melt it all away where we will be left with nothing and from nothing ANYTHING is possible. So I'm forever living forward with the possibility of being limitless. Limitless in my life, my mind, my relationships, my career. Being extraordinary in every aspect of my designed life. Settling for nothing. Being up to something. ‘Cause our old realm has ended and with every ending there’s always a new beginning. So lets begin…

I want a global shift. I want a revolution. I want to take a stand for the transformation of this planet as a whole not just myself as an individual. 

Goodbye old world, hello brand new realm of possibility!

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