Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

In honor of Valentine's Day I'm opening up my creative heart to this vast virtual universe and sharing some of my love poems. The first poem was first read this past year at Da Poetry Lounge during one of their Tuesday Spoken Word nights. Wo-man, do I love that place! I need to get my butt back up on that stage and to that mic because there is nothing quite like the rush of sharing your own words with strangers.

I’m not sharing this particular work to indulge in the love cliches and corniness that is marketed and shoved down everyone’s throats on this very holiday. Nor as a reminder to all the single ladies, correction, people out there or to people in relationships where they may feel have become too “bland” or have gotten too “comfortable” for romance.

If anything I hope me sharing reminds everyone out there, single or in a relationship to never settle. And that love, is always worth opening your heart for again.

No matter how scary those uncharted waters may seem.

And I'm not just talking about romantic love either. Opening your heart to anyone or anything is scary.

True vulnerability is terrifying. Yet allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the only path to experiencing anything worth experiencing in life; love, heartbreak, joy, sadness, success, failure - beautiful complex emotions. Neither bad nor good but worth living. Worth feeling.

Check out this AMAZING Ted Talks video about "The Power Of Vulnerability" if you still don't get what I mean. It will change your perspective completely. Change your life if you let it.

Indulge in the cliche of this holiday if you want, I know I have and did a little today, but now I’d rather invite all of you openly share your praises, affection and appreciation for the ones you love in your life, randomly, heck, why not all the time? Not just on a particular day where it’s traditional to do so.

So enjoy. Feel free to share with loved ones. Feel free to be inspired to write your own personal love poem by reading one of mine. I’d feel honored if my work evoked such inspiration.

I Want To Make Love To Your Mind

I want you so badly I can barely stand it

Lip to lip

Mouth to mouth

The very body part that helps us to speak and breath also helps us to connect with another human being

To taste their thoughts and smell their worry

But how can I let you inside me when I haven’t let you inside my heart yet?

We seem to do that a lot

Open our legs more easily than our hearts

Why open our legs but not our mouths?

Kiss, touch, lick, breath - no problem

You can’t stop the flow - the loudness of it all

But to speak truth, our mind, our past – silence

We can literally become part of another person, even if just for a moment, but when it comes to communicating we are detached, distant - literally speechless

That’s stopping - now

I want to make love to your mind.

I want your words to be my foreplay until my appetite is so wet and ready for the piercing of your thoughts

Your ideas planted - seeded in my mind

I want to get pregnant with your passion

I want to conceive and carry your vulnerability in my womb until we are both ready to birth a stronger and wiser person

I want you to tantalize my neck with your whispers of dreams and hopes, desires and fears until I climax into an ecstasy of passionate enlightenment of my entire body, mind and spirit

I want you to penetrate my mind

Shake things up

Make me question, think and burn for more of your words and thoughts until I’m begging you to stop from the convulsions of my brain because I can’t take the intensity any longer

Can our minds make love where our ideas build and we raise our voices higher and higher until we are both shouting at the top of our lungs in one huge orgasmic breath because we can barely get the thoughts out fast enough?

Until our words and thoughts ignite and explode because of the electricity of sparks bouncing back and forth from your mind to mine

With each word I’m turned on. I want to go. Right then and there. I’m ready.

To debate. To discuss. To argue and disagree, to challenge and question, to understand and relate in a fit of fiery passionate until we are finishing each other’s sentences

Until I can taste your words on top of mine and with each swallow your love, your ideas, your beliefs, your thoughts, slide within me to rest here safely in my heart

I want each facet of my mind to be stimulated and awakened by your unique ideas, your humor and kindness

I want to comeeeeeeeee forth and make myself known through my words to you

I want to make love to your mind. Are you ready to make love to mine?

Is your mind ready?

Opposing Magnets

If opposites attract
Then I am so attracted to you
Like two magnets
Pushing and pulling at each other every which way
Back and forth
Up and down
Go –- Stop
Slow –- Fast
More –- Less
Just confess that you love this little game of hot and cold as much as I do
It’s exciting
And real
Where we can both just be

My loudness fills your silence
My friendly bounce brings your shyness into focus
My crazy head swirling with paranoid, preposterous thoughts is brought back from orbit by your logic and balance
I nurture your awkwardness as I feel a grounded sense of being next to your
Present moment oh so clear
How can you be the only person - thing in the world that brings me back to earth?
Brings me back to NOW
This place
With you

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